Our Home in the Philippines

This is a typical dry season view of our house from the ocean.  Nothing is more beautiful than watching the sun come up over the ocean as a new day starts!  Praise the Lord for His incredible creation.  All creation was created to worship HIm, yet not all know Him, or have had the chance to hear about Him!  Despite the beauty, this place is dark, the Agta are just now coming to the knowledge of Him who supplies their every need!

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Pre-teaching Video 2014

We are the Epp family, living life in a remote jungle in the Philippines, 43 kms away from ‘civilization’!  Our goal was always to reach snowboarder in Lake Louise, but the LORD lead us on an epic journey...... to live and work with a people we now love, the Dupaninan Agta.

Join us as we continue to serve the Agta and church plant to the ends of the earth.

Bible Teaching Video 2016